Meet Sammy, a Spokane woman's emotional support turkey

Spokane woman has service turkey

A Spokane woman has a very important emotional support animal, but it's not a dog or any other kind of animal typically used in that role.

Mary Pierce has a support turkey. The turkey, named Sammy, is six months old and weighs 30 pounds.

Pierce has lupus and suffers through pain and depression, but she said her turkey provides a lot of support.

"I'd never thought before about having a turkey as a pet," Pierce said. "But now that I have her, I don't want to ever give her up.

"She keeps me going. She gets me up every morning at 5 in the morning. Having a turkey around just keeps things interesting," she said.

Under federal law, any kind of animal can be an emotional support animal. To get certified, they only need a prescription from a doctor.


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