Woman startled by peeping tom in SE Portland, suspect at large

PORTLAND – A suspect was allegedly wearing a black ski mask when he walked up to a woman's house near Southeast Belmont and 47th Avenue just after midnight Tuesday.

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There were several lights on inside and outside of Kaya Blauvelt's home. Once she saw the man, she says he didn't run away.

That's what freaked out 32-year-old Blauvelt the most, that a peeping tom just stood there staring - even after the two made eye contact.

Eventually, Blauvelt said, the man slowly backed away from her gate.

Blauvelt had been washing her dishes and was about to take out her trash and let her cat outside.

When she turned around, just feet from her sliding door was the man staring at her.

"And we made really creepy eye contact," she said.

Kaya ran to wake up her husband, Seth Denlinger, and grabbed her phone to called police.

"I had just sort of nodded off and I kind of woke up and I just heard 'ski mask' and I came running out of the room," said Denlinger.

"My gut is that he's a peeping tom pervert. I hope nothing more than a peeping tom. But, I just have a zero tolerance for pervs," said Blauvelt.

So, she said she wanted to be vigilant immediately.

"I don't know what his deal was, you know? I don't think he just stumbled from the nearby bar, because he had a ski mask on," she said.

Portland police sent an officer to the area but didn't find the man.

"I later called the non emergency line back to let them know more details because I want the perv to be caught," said Blauvelt.

The peeper's description is vague: a white man in his 20s to 40s. But Blauvelt is absolutely sure he's a white male.

"The ski mask covered up to his nose and an entire area was open so I could see [part of his face] and his eyes," she said.

Blauvelt posted details right away about the encounter online so everyone in the area of Southeast Belmont near Southeast 47th Avenue knows to be on the lookout.

She is even going to go door-to-door, letting each neighbor know about it and ask if anyone has mounted cameras on their homes that may have captured video of the suspect.

If you know anything and have information to share about this case, call Portland Police.


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