Mustang with nearly $16K in unpaid tickets gets boot from PBOT

PBOT to place boots on vehicles

PORTLAND, Ore. – On the first day of its new “booting” enforcement, the Portland Bureau of Transportation placed a boot on a 2014 Ford Mustang whose owner is facing nearly $16,000 in unpaid parking tickets.

The Portland City Council last month approved a change to city code allowing PBOT to boot vehicles that have unpaid citations totaling more than $500 and/or six unpaid citations.

Once a vehicle is booted, owners will have 36 hours to make plans to pay the unpaid fines to avoid having the vehicle towed and impounded, for which there will be additional charges.

On the first day of booting, PBOT said workers placed boots on four cars with fines totaling $25,026.

Learn more about PBOT's booting enforcement


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