Half of all traffic deaths due to aggressive driving, AAA says

Frustrated drivers encounter road rage

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Road rage can lead to shocking violence, but many of us are guilty of driving aggressively without even realizing it.

“I think to myself 'oh what a nut,'” said Delores Leece-Rider from Canby. “And there goes another accident waiting to happen.”

Leece-Rider won’t yell out the window, but her husband will.

“I honk my horn to say that is not legal," he said.

He says he doesn't want to sit quietly while someone puts him and his family in danger.

“You look at their behavior and you wonder are they on alcohol or marijuana or some other medication?”

The AAA Safety Foundation says there are many things some drivers do without realizing they are being aggressive such as speeding, tailgating or confronting others. Many people we talked to didn't realize confronting other drivers is a form of aggressive driving.

“You're the one trying to cause an accident,” said Megan Falls, quoting what she said in her last confrontation on the road. “So yeah thank you very much for nearly hitting me because you are too busy talking on the phone.”

According to AAA, aggressive driving contributes to over half of all traffic deaths.

One suggestion to stay cool behind the wheel to leave early so you have more time to get where you are going. Listening to soothing music can also help. 


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