‘Green' Portland laundromat texts customers

PORTLAND - A laundromat on Southeast Belmont in Portland is all about going green and time management.

Monica Palma is about to make better use of her laundry day, The machine will text her cell phone when the load is ready, so she's free to do other things.

It's just one of two in Oregon with this text notification system.

If you send a text message to this cell phone number with this machine number, the machine is going to recognize your cell phone, owner Connie Ihrke said.

Before the spin cycle is done, a message appears.

For those worried over privacy, Ihrke said once that wash cycle is complete the numbers gone. And the texting service can also check if there are machines open before you head to the laundromat.

Besides making better use of time, it's also saving customers money. These high-efficiency machines use less detergent and weigh the clothes to determine the right amount of water.

Dryers have a 360 G-force spin, which means less dry time and that saves on gas and quarters.

One washer can take up to 75-pounds of clothes.


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