Portland man sinks $10K putt, gets nothing

Portland man sinks $10K putt, gets nothing


by Ed Teachout, KGW Staff

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Posted on January 24, 2012 at 10:25 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 24 at 11:10 AM

PORTLAND -- Matt Ramsay couldn’t believe it when a 67-foot putt he shot went in the hole, winning him the $10,000 prize.

Three months later Ramsay is now teed off after learning he probably will never see a dime of the prize money that was promised to him.

When asked if he felt like he’d been taken Ramsay said, “Absolutely."

Ramsay said he had to beat out more than a hundred golfers to get a shot at the prized putt last fall at a charity golf tournament. Neither the charity nor the golf course have anything to do with Ramsay not getting paid.

According to the Oregon Insurance Division, a company by the name of Hole-In-Won.com insured the putt prize but has so far not paid a dime.

The agency warned all Oregonians not to do business with the company.

The chief executive officer of the Oregon Golf Association, Barb Trammell said, “you hate to see that happen because people get taken advantage of and unfortunately it happens.”

It’s happened before by Hole-In-Won.com according to the Connecticut Attorneys General office.

The agency has sued Hole-In-Won.com more than a million dollars for failing to pay off other charity putt prizes.

Trammell said Hole-In-Won.com didn’t pay off a previous Oregon winner two years ago and warned golfers the company may not pay.

The Oregon Insurance Commission said Hole-In-Won.com was not licensed in the state to sell insurance of any kind.

Phone numbers listed on the company’s Web site were all disconnected and no one returned e-mails requesting an interview for our story.

Asked if he would ever pay to putt at a charity golf tournament again, Matt Ramsay said, “Absolutely it can't happen to me twice, I doubt if I ever do it again in my lifetime."

Watch the putt.