Parking fines going up in Portland in February

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Parking fines going up in Portland in February


by KGW Staff

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Posted on January 7, 2013 at 4:24 PM

Updated Monday, Jan 7 at 8:10 PM

Do you think it's reasonable for Portland to raise parking fines, to help increase city revenue?

PORTLAND -- Parking violations in Portland will cost a lot more starting next month, including a $35 jump in the fine for parking in a truck loading zone.

Starting February 7, the fines will go up for seven violations related to meter receipts, license plates, parking permits and loading zones, according to Cheryl Kuck of the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

“I think it’s pretty unfortunate they're going to raise the prices for everything because right now people can’t afford that ticket as it is and they're not gonna want to drive down here," said Chelsea Cain, who works in downtown Portland.

The City of Portland hoped the increase would convince people to obey the rules, but Kuck said the city also needs more revenue. All the changes will raise an extra $700,000 a year. The city and county will split the money.

"We're also looking to make sure that we're covering our expenses," she said. "And that our rates are comparable to other cities on the West Coast in particular."

The following fines will go up February 7:

  • No Meter Receipt (from $45 to $60)
  • Improper Display of Meter Receipt (from $34 to $39)
  • No Front or Rear Plate (from $55 to $80)
  • Area Permit Required (from $60 to $80)
  • Carpool Zone (from $70 to $90)
  • Truck Loading Zone (from $65 to $90)

The one fine that's not going up: The one you get if your meter expires.