‘Lux’ the screeching Portland cat gets national attention

‘Lux’ the screeching Portland cat gets national attention

‘Lux’ the screeching Portland cat gets national attention


by KGW Staff

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Posted on March 12, 2014 at 11:54 AM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 12 at 3:32 PM

PORTLAND -- A feisty Portland cat is getting national attention after his owners called 911 on him.

The Portland family said "Lux" charged them and they had to flee into a bedroom until police arrived.  Lux could be heard screeching in the background as Lee Palmer asked dispatchers for help, his voice sounding panicked.

KGW covered the bizarre story and it quickly went viral on social media.

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Soon after, Lux's owners said they started getting calls from national media wanting to cover the story, too.

Lux was the lead story on Inside Edition Tuesday night and a big headline on Huffington Post. He was also a hot topic of discussion for Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Chris Hardwick opened his Comedy Central show @Midnight by asking his guests to translate Lux’s screeching in the 911 call. 

Listen to the 911 call

Teresa Barker said she can’t believe how much attention the 911 call about her cat has created.

“I think it’s crazy and bizarre,” she said Tuesday night. “I didn’t expect it to get as much media attention as it did. I still don’t understand why, because it’s just a cat. But okay.”

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Barker said she will monitor Lux’s behavior and they will have to find him a new home if he misbehaves again. But for now, they plan to keep him.

She also said they set up an appointmet for Lux with a pet psychologist.

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The Animal Planet show My Cat from Hell has an animal behaviorist who offered to work with Lux for an upcoming episode, but the family did not say whether they would accept that offer.


KGW reporter Reggie Aqui contributed to this report.