Portland photog captures dogs in slo-mo shake

Portland photog captures dogs in slo-mo shake

Credit: Carli Davidson courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers ©2013

Portland photog captures dogs in slo-mo shake


by SUSAN WYATT / The Pet Dish


Posted on October 22, 2013 at 12:44 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 22 at 1:23 PM

Portland photographer Carli Davidson's book of unique portraits of dogs shaking, with jowls flapping and ears flapping will delight animal lovers.

"Shake" captures images of dogs transformed by the simple action of shaking off water. The result is some crazy, mushed up faces and goofy expressions.

“To me it’s interesting, they’re very funny and at the same time dogs become monsters. There’s also a gargoyle type effect… there’s such a mix of different expressions,” says Carli.

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Carli says photography has always been a big part of her life – her father was an art director in New York, where she grew up.

“I was mesmerized at black and white photographs,” she says.

She took her first class at age 15 and eventually ended up in the Northwest, where she attended The Evergreen State College with a minor in photography.

To pay for her education she took on a series of odd jobs that included work as a tattoo shop clerk, a photographer for the House of Representatives, and eventually she went to work at The Oregon Zoo.

“Working at Oregon Zoo I started taking lots of photos of the animals I was working around,” she says.

Carli says it’s hard to pinpoint the moment she got interested in Shake, but she has a mastiff that would shake a lot (and she ended up cleaning up a lot of slobber.)

She says she wanted to explore something she sees all the time and Shake was a good way to explore high-speed photography.

In 2011 she posted Shake photos online and they quickly went viral. The print version comes out on Oct. 22.

The dogs pictured in the book are not professional “models.”

“Seventy percent are rescued dogs out of Portland,” she says. “Particularly Panda Paws Rescue in Vancouver. It was a very community experience putting this book together.”

Carli worked with 130 dogs dogs to create the book.

Carli currently lives in Portland with her husband Tim and her pets Norbert and Yushi - as well as a rotating cast of foster dogs.

"Shake" was released Tuesday. Buy it here