Congrats to Andie Proskus, our Hero of the Month


Posted on November 16, 2011 at 3:41 PM

KGW and Sterling Savings Bank would like to congratulate Andie Proskus, our Rachel's Challenge Hero of the Month! See Andie's nominations below and be sure to submit a your nomination for November's Hero of the Month.

Andie's Nominations...

Andie is the most inspirational girl I have ever met! She is always smiling, despite any pain that she is going through, and her will to fight through her challenges is inspirational! She is the strongest girl I have ever known, and she has inspired me to be strong throughout the struggles I face!

She also is a hero to the community as well, because she is raising awareness about a big issue, bullying and harassment.  She makes a good point that people shouldn't be bullied, even if they have a physical/learning disability, and that people who see bullying happen should stand up for the victim and get help! It is not something that people should be silent about either! We all need to speak up and get our voices heard! 

Nominated_By :  Hannah Gardner

Title/Relationship :  Friend

HEROs Act :  Andie works vigilantly to end bullying (which, I consider a very serious problem for America\'s youth), even while facing adversity and being bullied herself. She's active in standing up for herself and others, not only in her community, but, across America. She uses many resources including social networking to spread the word urging others to follow her example in displaying the importance of being kind and respectful. She has a very big heart and always has inspirational words of encouragement for those around her. She consistently works hard to display the most ultimate form of kindness: Selflessness. Andie is one of the most deserving young people I've ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. Please consider her as a candidate of "Hero of the Month"! 

Nominated By:  Kimberly Carlisle

Title/Relationship:  Friend

HEROs Act : Andie has made a heart touching video trying to raise awareness against bullying. Andie has an awesome personality and shining smile, even though dealing with many disabilities. Andie wants the world to be a better place and to put smiles on other peoples faces. Andie also has a plan to make "smile box's", filled with items to give to other disabled victims. To want to bring happiness to others, even though she is suffering, is truely inspiring! Being recognized for her efforts would put a huge smile on HER face, and I am happy to nominate her for this award!

Nominated By:  Nancy Carr

Title/Relationship:  friend