Beaverton mom gives her homeschooling tips

Beaverton mom gives her homeschooling tips


by Cathy Marshall

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Posted on September 4, 2012 at 5:11 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 4 at 5:11 PM

While some moms enjoyed free time this week with the kids back in school, a Beaverton Mom began her 17th year of homeschooling her children.

The latest numbers from the state of Oregon show more than 20,000 students are taught at home.

Rachelle Scheele started in 1995 when her twin daughters, now in college, were nursery school age.

This school year, she’ll be teaching her three younger children Quinton in 4th grade, Claire in 6th and Olivia in 8th.

“There is no typical day. We do try to get the academics done in the morning hours and then have activities in the afternoon,” she explained.

The kids spend three to five hours a day taking classes on the computer and with workbooks.

Rachelle also requires the kids to take extensive notes on each of their classes.

“This is something that will stay with them for life.”

“I like it because I never have to study for the tests. I learn it as I write it down,” added Olivia.

The whole family likes to bust stereotypes when it comes to home schooling.

“Yes we do need school supplies and no, we don’t study in our pajamas,” said Claire.

For social development, their mom takes them to classes in choir and theatre at their local schools, they play youth sports and volunteer at the zoo and church.

“I do have friends and most expect me to be smarter than them. They think they have to spell everything correctly when they text me,” laughed Olivia. As for cost, this year the family spent about $400 updating their curriculum, “It is an investment but I’ll be able to resell it,” said Rachelle.

She tests them at the end of the year with a standardized format and says on average they’re above grade level.

They’re also at the head of the class around the house, learning to cook, doing dishes and laundry.

“That’s why I’m not exhausted, because I don’t do it all for them,” concluded Rachelle as she watched her kids make their own snacks.