Robot-aided surgery at Vancouver hospital

Robot-aided surgery at Vancouver hospital


by Cathy Marshall

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Posted on September 13, 2012 at 4:37 PM

A Vancouver doctor has a robotic assistant in the operating room and the results for patients are overwhelmingly positive.

“I’m pain free and able to go golfing three times a week,” said Mitch Stanley, “I used to take Motrin like M&M’s to deal with the pain.”

In the past year he’s had both knees and hips replaced with a surgical procedure known as Makoplasty.

“As far as we know, Mitch is the only patient in the country who’s had both knees and his hips replaced with the help of this robotic arm,” remarked Dr. Todd Borus at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center.

The Center started repairing knees with the technology three years ago and this year added the hip replacement surgery.

“I’m still at the controls. It doesn’t take me out of the drivers’ seat. It’s like an added safety check,” explained Borus.

A computerized 3D model made from a cat scan guides the surgeon using the robotic arm. The benefits for the patients are twofold according to the surgeon.

“First, we’re able to hit the sweet spot up to six times more consistently when placing the component.”

The technology known as Mako also provides feedback during surgery allowing the doctor to determine vital information about the leg length of the patient.

“This allows more accuracy in restoring the body function to what it once was,” added Borus. Mitch says his hospital stay after Makoplasty each time was less than 72 hours.

“I’m now taller because I’m no longer bowlegged and I can walk faster than my wife. Before she was always ahead of me,” he laughed.

He’s just one of 300 patients to benefit from the partnership featuring a robotic arm and an able physician at the controls.

“With this technology we can get people back to their active lifestyles and let them enjoy it pain free,” concluded Borus.

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