Portland Fashion Week promises newest in recycled design

Green, reusable, sustainable and fashion-forward Portland will be on display Oct. 7-11.


by By ERIC ADAMS, Kgw.com Staff


Posted on October 8, 2009 at 12:50 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 6 at 1:22 PM

PORTLAND, Ore. -- All eyes are on eco-chic Portland as kicked off Wednesday. Don't expect the hedonism one finds in New York or Paris; it will be a week of tony green, though, as the city's designers, stylists, restaurants and artists showcase sustainable style.

"This is the first and only sustainable production of a fashion week in the world -- not just the United States," said Tito Chowdhury, the show's executive producer. Video:

PFW Productions LLC visualizes a week of "eco-responsible fashion" that draws national attention "to Portland's unique intersection of Art, Commerce and Sustainability."

Fashion Week a la Portland means a sustainably-harvested bamboo stage, low-voltage LED lights and eco-friendly soy-based paint. Even electric tape will be prohibited since it can't be recycled down to raw materials -- though artisans at Saturday Market might dispute whether the sticky black tape can't be recycled into new wallets.

Christie Lites manager Michael Ferguson said the company will save 3,000 rolls of electric tape by using twist-locking cable instead of standard extension cording.

"Stack those end to end and that's an 83-foot tower of electrical tape that would all go into a landfill," Ferguson noted.

Many of the collections featured during the runway show are also environmentally friendly.

The shows will take place at the Vigor Industrial Shipyards on Swan Island -- an unusual locale for many of the stylists and models to be in attendance.

Portland puts green foot forward

Saturday's "matinee" theme showcases two clich?s for which Portland is nationally recognized already. It's called "Ready to Roll" and sponsor Momentum Magazine promises the latest in new (or recycled) bicycle fashion. More:

Fashion Week is actually only four days or so; it runs through Sunday night, with an after-party shebang at Club 915 on SW 2nd Ave.

KGW Reporter Keely Chalmers contributed to this article.