Bigfoot spotted at Ross Island?



Posted on September 11, 2009 at 7:27 AM

Updated Thursday, Sep 17 at 3:10 PM

PORTLAND, Ore. -- For decades we've trekked the depths of our world's forests following sightings and reports of a giant beast; part ape, part human. Now the trek ends here.

Ross Island bigfoot

Marcus Amorosa is our captain. We've received word that bigfoot is close, the northwest point of Ross Island. Motoring North from Willamette Park, we see him. In the distance emerging from the woods. Oh, that's not it.

The trek continues. A short distance forward a man sits on the beach. Behind him, does he realize? Does he see? Gordon Noble greets us with excitement.

"I found bigfoot right here on Ross Island!" exclaims Noble.

Noble, a kayaker to the island has befriended the giant figure. He's agreed to guide us closer.

"I think he's getting used to humans now I really do. He's getting comfortable," says Noble.

Crouching down, Noble inches in and gently greets the beast.

"How you doing? You alright today? A little windy?"

Without fear, Noble reaches out a hand. Bigfoot appears to be molting. His head is bare, but his torso is a soft fur or faux fur.

"Oh his fur is really soft. Really soft," says Noble.

An encounter of this kind has never been filmed. Author to "Anatomy Of A Beast", bigfoot expert Michael McLeod has interviewed many who've come close.

"They see something that hints at it. A tree stump or a bush. It's kind of spooky and so they just go with it," says McLeod.

Though he seems fearless, his eyes fixed on all who approach, we back away. We leave sasquatch to the island. Will he be seen again? Will passing jet boats and kayakers notice? We will remember today September 10, 2009 -- bigfoot found in Portland, Oregon.