Zoom Room gives pooches a workout in Pearl

Zoom Room gives pooches a workout in Pearl


by Cathy Marshall, KGW Staff


Posted on July 3, 2014 at 4:37 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 3 at 8:31 PM

PORTLAND -- The dog days of summer just got better for some pups in Portland’s Pearl District.

A new gym called the Zoom Room just opened.

Dogs can wag their tails while working out. “He knows he can have fun and have treats,” said dog owner Kyoko Furukawa as she took her pet Micky around the agility course.

Owners pay an average of $26 a lesson, “It’s absolutely a dual work out for the mind and the body,” explained Zoom Room owner JC Calvert.

“I can feel that bond between Micky and I getting stronger,” added Furukawa.

Zoom Room is a national franchise.

All business owners go through the same training,

“We use treats as incentives. It’s performance based training,” explained Calvert.

The dog owners can love on their pets with other Zoom Room services like doggy disco,

“We have the disco ball and laser lights which the dogs like to chase around,” Calvert said pointing to the gym ceiling “and we do have a disco playlist.”

Another course could make your dog a star,

“We call it Hollywood Dog. We teach specific tricks for a dog to get a part in television or the movies,” said Calvert.

Like many humans who join a gym, the dog first gets an evaluation to determine the best workout.

Often it’s the dog who discovers the Zoom Room first,

“The door is open and they see the fun and pull on the leash,” Calvert recalled, “we have made many new 4 legged and 2 legged friends during our first week in business.”