Event helps dog hit by animal control officer



by KGW Staff

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Posted on March 5, 2014 at 12:08 PM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 5 at 12:08 PM

PORTLAND. – Friends and total strangers came together to help an injured dog get surgery after a Washington County animal control officer hit her in the head.

Portland’s Bravo Lounge was packed with people Tuesday night from as far away as Idaho. They were helping raise money to cover thousands of dollars in vet bills for a water rescue dog named Dojie.

Hillsboro police are investigating officer Hoyt Stepp after he reportedly severely beat 40-year-old Marlin Starr's dog "Dojie." Stepp, however, said the dog was dangerous and aggressive and he was forced to use his baton on her.

Stepp was responding to a call to animal control about dogs barking in the street. Starr said his 9-year-old dog “Dojie,” a dog trained for emergency river rescue operations, somehow got out of his fenced yard and Stepp saw her in the neighborhood.

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When Starr got home that afternoon, he found a note on his door left by Stepp that said his dog was injured. In the note, Stepp said Dojie was dangerous and aggressive and he had to use his baton on her.

Dojie suffered a fractured skull and will need surgery to have an eye removed.  Tuesday night's fundraiser at Bravo Lounge will help pay for that surgery.

Starr also set up a crowd-funding site to help pay for Dojie's eye surgery.