Seattle now has pot-themed tour

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Boro School, glass blowing studio



Posted on March 14, 2014 at 10:14 AM

Updated Thursday, Mar 20 at 12:45 PM

SEATTLE -- Since Washington voters voted to legalize recreational marijuana in the state, a slew of new businesses have sprouted up, from grow operations to retail businesses.

Now there's the first pot tour in Seattle.

Kush Tourism saw a business opportunity when Initiative 502 passed. Their mission is to connect people interested in seeing and learning more about cannabis with local Seattle businesses.

“We really want to see the negative stigma disappear entirely and break down barriers that have existed for so long,” said Michael Gordon, Co-Founder & CEO of Kush Tourism
This weekend's pot tour will start at the “Boro School,” a glass blowing studio in Seattle's International District. People will get to meet and watch the artists work and check out glass pipes.

Then guests will be shuttled to Herb's House in Ballard. It’s a medical marijuana dispensary where guests will see a grow and trimming demo.

Then it's off to White Center for a pot cooking class.

The founders of Kush Tourism are hoping to change people's minds and think of this pot tour more like a winery or brewery tour.

“I think that’s great. I think curiosity is great, normal and natural. I think people should be getting out there and kind of learning more about this culture that for so long has been this underground culture,” said Holly Déjà, manager of Herb’S House.

Kush Tourism has some rules, guests must be 21 and older. There’s no smoking on the tour. The 5-hour tour runs around $150.