Great Scott! Ore. ranks 8th nerdiest state in U.S.

Great Scott! Ore. ranks 8th nerdiest state in U.S.

Great Scott! Ore. ranks 8th nerdiest state in U.S.


by Cornelius Swart, Staff

Posted on April 25, 2014 at 12:44 PM

Updated Saturday, Apr 26 at 2:58 AM

PORTLAND -- Oregon is not as geeky as some may think, but it's up there, according to a survey of the country's 'nerdiest' states.

Real estate site Estately used Facebook profile information to determine exactly where the high-water pants and pocket protectors roam free. Oregon ranked 8th, behind some states that might surprise you, namely Utah, Alaska, Wyoming and Kentucky.

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The website writes:

There’s a lot to consider when choosing which state to live in. Will the locals trade Pokemon cards with you? Will you be mocked for LARPing in the park? Will you meet others who enjoy dressing up like Star Wars characters? For those who harbor interests considered nerdy or geekish, not all states are created equal.

The site weighed things like the population’s inclination toward "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (no Kirk, phah!), adults who dress up in costumes (Cosplay), Doctor Who fans, comic book collectors and people who like live action role-playing (if you don't know what that is, be afraid, be very afraid).

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Utah topped the charts as the nerdiest node in the nation. New Jersey, Mississippi and D.C. came out as the places most likely to knock the books out of your hands if you are a highly intelligent, but socially-challenged, Magic: The Gathering player.

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The top ten nerdiest:

  1. Utah
  2. Alaska
  3. Wyoming
  4. Idaho
  5. Colorado
  6. Washington
  7. Kentucky
  8. Oregon
  9. New Mexico
  10. West Virginia

Some stand out findings from Estately were:

  • The South is a virtual nerd desert, and a hard place to get a game of D&D going.
  • Rural western states are prime habitat for nerds.
  • States with large populations don’t tend to have high percentages of nerds.
  • California is the only place in the West where you can go to a Harry Potter movie and not sit behind a grown woman in a wizard hat.
  • Utah is just so unbelievably nerdy it could be a Harry Potter theme park.

All this may mean that these states will just never get a girlfriend if they insist on acting this way. Or it could just be that nerds are more likely to use Facebook in those states.

Either way, it’s always nice when Oregon gets noticed for just about anything other than people urinating in the drinking water.

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Estately said:

Oregon is a trekkie’s paradise, a Star Trek sanctuary where America’s most passionate fans live long and prosper. The city of Portland enjoyed a five-year run of Trek In The Park, a free public theater performance of classic Star Trek episodes. Oregon has also hosted Star Trek-themed improv shows, various Star Trek conventions, and more. It’s only a matter of time until the tribble is named the Official State Animal of Oregon and Captain Picard is elected Governor.

As usual, truth is stranger than fiction. Especially when the truth is... you are obsessed with fiction.