Late Night's Jimmy Fallon visits Portland

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon with KGW anchors Joe Donlon and Laural Porter.


by Frank Mungeam

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Posted on December 4, 2013 at 1:59 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 4 at 7:34 PM

Portland, the host of NBC’s Late Night has some "Thank You Notes" for you.

Jimmy Fallon, the Saturday Night Live star and host of NBC’s Late Night, paid a visit to the Rose City Wednesday, including a stop at KGW studios where he sat down for an interview with KGW anchor Joe Donlon, and also shared some of his famous "Thank You Notes" sketch, personalized to Portland.

“Thank you, Voodoo Donuts,” Fallon told an audience at KGW, “for being Dunkin Donuts…on acid!”

“Thank you, Portland – for being the Rose City,” Fallon said, adding “Every rose has its thorn. Every night has its dawn. And every cowboy sings a sad, sad song. Every rose has its thorn!”

He also thanked Portland for its microbreweries, for making his otherwise unhealthy dependence on beer look hip and trendy.

In his talk with Donlon, Fallon detailed his audition with Lorne Michaels for Saturday Night Live and explained his Adam Sandler impression.

Photos: Behind the Scenes: Jimmy Fallon visits KGW

Fallon visited the Rose City (and local food hotspots like Big-Ass Sandwhiches) in advance of taking over the Tonight Show in February. In April, NBC announced that Jay Leno would retire in 2014, and that Jimmy Fallon would take over The Tonight Show beginning on Feb. 24, 2014.

Fallon told the Portland audience he was thrilled to be taking over at the 11:30 p.m. time slot. He said he had a blockbuster band booked for the first week, and that Justin Timberlake - “JT” to Fallon – would likely be a first-week guest. Fallon's house band on Late Night, The Roots, will continue as his band on The Tonight Show.

Fallon added he’d received great support from Jay Leno – and even some advice, which he’s been taking: Do longer opening monologues!


The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon premieres Feb. 24 and will be broadcast from Studio 6B at NBC Studios in New York City, the same studio John Carson used the first ten years he hosted the show.