Hood to Coast to scale back after 2011 traffic

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Hood to Coast to scale back after 2011 traffic


by KGW Staff

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Posted on August 23, 2011 at 1:01 PM

Updated Tuesday, Aug 30 at 6:33 AM

PORTLAND -- Two days after more than 21,000 runners and walkers traveled from the mountain to the Coast Friday and Saturday, officials at the Hood to Coast relay admit: The event was too big.

Organizers told KGW they've been fielding lots of complaints about massive traffic tie-ups in the latter half of the race - and they have promised that changes will be made next year.

This year the course was lengthened slightly, totalling 200 miles, the longest distance in course history. There were also 250 new teams added this year, adding another 3,000 participants onto the route.

"We went too high, so we're going to lower that back down," said Jude Hubber, Hood to Coast spokesperson.

On the event's official Facebook page, complaints about the traffic were mixed with positive comments about volunteers and the race experience.

"To have teams complain of several hour waits in traffic is unacceptable," Stein Berger said. "H2C will become extinct in the form it exists today if teams are unable to finish together."

"All the traffic backups, while nerve-wracking, added a certain element of doubt and confusion that merely elevated the adrenaline rush and endorphion high," Marjorie Setchko wrote.

Hubber told KGW race organizers will review all the feedback, including comments on the race's Facebook page, and will make changes to try to eliminate those problems next year.

This year marked the event's 30th anniversary.

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