This video will make you finally wear sunscreen

See the harsh effects of the sun on our skin in action

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We've all been told so many times that we should wear sunscreen. But here's a video that might actually make you do it.

Thomas Leveritt, a videographer, set up an ultraviolet camera on the street, and then asked people to look at themselves under the UV light.

That light can show changes that are happening underneath your skin from the sun that you can't see yet in regular light. You can see freckles, wrinkles, and other marks.

It's kind of disturbing to see the effect the sun has on our skin.

But things that block UV rays show up black in this light. Glass blocks UV rays, so glasses showed up black.

And of course, sunscreen blocks UV too... So watch what happens when people put sunscreen on their faces.

If that's not enough to make you put sunscreen on your face before you head to work today, I don't know what is!


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