3D-printed prosthetic hand turns kids into Iron Man

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? (Who hasn't?) A designer is making that possible for kids, with a 3D-printed prosthetic hand.

Animator and mechanical designer Pat Starace built the Iron Man hand on a 3D printer. But that's far from its coolest feature.

The hand has Bluetooth connectivity, a battery, and a USB charger.

There's a laser under the shield on the top of the hand.

And when you tilt the hand back, it activates a "thruster," which is actually an LED light ring in the palm.

It can also be voice controlled, and you can connect it to a smart watch, or almost any other device.

"The vision was to create a hand, so that a child can have something that solves a mechanical challenge, is affordable, and mostly Looks Awesome!" said Starace. "Design goals: 1) It had to look awesome 2) It had to perform awesome 3) Hide all the strings and mechanics, so nothing distracts from the magic."

Starace wrote on his website that one of his goals in creating this hand is to raise kids' "self esteem to Super Hero levels."

The designer told Mashable he intends to give the Iron Man hand to families for free, and collaborate with E-nable, a group that advocates for 3D-printing prosthesis. He's asking anyone with a need for the hand to contact him.

Watch the video below to see everything the Iron Man hand can do.


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