Sleep expert: If you snooze, you lose

PORTLAND -- Sleep is a hot commodity in our busy lives and for many of us hitting the snooze button is part of the morning routine, but some health experts say that might not be healthy.

I have three alarms and three snooze buttons, said CJ Anderson, Getting up in the morning can be a 60 to 90 minute process.

At Portland s Adventist Medical Center sleep technicians have a warning about abusing the snooze.

It s actually interfering with the REM or rapid eye movement cycle and interrupted sleep is as bad as no sleep, explained supervisor Jamie Curry.

She says often the morning hours bring the most rejuvenating sleep so it s best to sleep as long as you can without the interruptions of the snooze alarm.

If you re adding twenty minutes of snooze time it s best to just add that to your time for the first and only alarm.

Bottom line is sleep in as late as you can, remarked Curry. The alarm should only go off when you need to get up.

If it s impossible for you to get your feet on the floor with just a single alarm you might want to consider a sleep study.

You could have a sleep disorder that s making you feel extra fatigued, she said.

Adventist Health technicians can collect data while you sleep at home.

If you have trouble waking up, Curry also suggested putting your alarm across the room so you have to get out of bed and turn it off. She also said put a light on right away and make sure the room is warm at wake up.

It will make it easier to get those feet on the floor, concluded Curry.

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