Paleo diet cuts out processed foods

PORTLAND - For thousands of years, humans relied on hunting and gathering for food. They ate organic fruits and veggies and only had grass-fed meats.

There weren t any grocery stores or fast food joints where they could grab a quick meal.

So in order to get back, way back, to our stone-age roots, many people are turning to a caveman-like diet, better known as the Paleo Diet.

Tammy Martin turned to the paleo diet two years ago.

For years, she suffered from severe joint pain and needed medication every night just to sleep. Even with regular exercise, Martin wasn t getting any better.

But then one day at her CrossFit SW Portland gym, she was introduced to the Paleo diet.

One day I was eating normal, the next day I was eating Paleo, she said.

Within three days, she no longer had any pain. And by the end of the first month, she didn t have any stiffness or joint pain. The only thing the 51-year old changes, was her diet.

Dr. Tony Murczek says the Paleo diet consists of lots of meats, eggs, veggies fruits and nuts while cutting out carbohydrates, refined sugars, grains and dairy.

No health professional, I think, can argue that more fresh fruits and vegetables is bad for us, Murczek said.

The naturopathic doctor says people shouldn t be afraid of eating meats like pork or beef, but to take the portions in moderation.

You don t want to go overboard on anything and be eating a pound of bacon every morning for breakfast, he said. That s probably not going to get you where you want to go.

But a little bit of bacon won t hurt you. Dr. Murczek said it s more important to cut out processed foods. A lot of doctors do recommend the paleo diet as a way to prevent and even control diabetes.

The high-protein, high vegetable diet can help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Of course, before starting any diet, you should talk with your own personal doctor to make sure it s right for you.


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