It's so cold in the Midwest that . . .

With record-low temps hitting parts of the USA, it's so freaking cold that ...

1) In Minnesota, some ski and sledding hills and ice rinks have been declared closed until Tuesday. In Ohio, the Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski resort is shut. Even the cold-weather recreation enthusiasts said it was just too cold!

2) A polar vortex or blast of extreme cold has arrived. The vortex is a cyclonic air mass that usually hangs out over Canada. It's unusually far south over the Great Lakes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

3) The forecast is extreme: 32 below zero in Fargo, N.D.; minus 21 in Madison, Wis.; and 15 below zero in Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Chicago.

4) School is closed Monday for the entire state of Minnesota, as well as cities and districts in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa, among others. No learning, kids. It's too cold.

5) Southern states are bracing for possible record temps, with single-digit highs expected Tuesday in Georgia and Alabama.

6) Trash and recycling aren't getting picked up on Monday in Minneapolis. That's stinking cold.

7) Remember, frostbite and hypothermia can set in quickly at 15 to 30 below zero.

8) It's too cold to gamble, too. The Horseshoe Casino in Ohio is closed with chains on the doors due to weather.

9) Green Bay Packers fans were grilling beers Sunday while tailgating to unfreeze them. Resourceful, but that's cold. And those beers must have been ice cold.

10) Officials in Missouri said it was too cold for rock salt to be very effective on the roads, making them particularly dangerous, and several Illinois roadways were closed because of drifting snow, according to the Associated Press.

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