Company turns loved ones' ashes into diamonds

For those who are cremated, there have long been two popular options of memoriam. Ashes either sit in an urn, perhaps on a mantle in the surviving family s living room, or are spread at a location with special meaning. But now, a company is offering a third option that literally turns dust to diamonds.

Swiss-based company Algordanza produces memorial diamonds created from ashes of the deceased.

An average-sized person can yield around 12 carats of ashes, with the largest diamonds weighing one carat. The diamonds can also be engraved.

The memorial diamonds show the same physical properties as a traditional diamond and take a few weeks to produce through a process involving pressure and heat.

According to Algordanza, the memorial diamonds are often blue because of elements present in the ashes.

But, the website says, As different as human beings are, as distinct are the tints of the diamonds.

NPR reports the memorial diamonds cost between $5,000 and $22,000, which is comparable to the cost of some funerals.

The service, however, is not offered for all members of the family. Algordanza says they only produce diamonds from the remains of humans, and will not create memorials diamonds from the ashes of pets.


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