Company cranks out controversial 'Breaking Bad' Lego meth lab

Just in time for the holidays, Citizen Brick, a custom Lego manufacturer, has released a Breaking Bad meth lab set.

The toy has upset some over the idea of a children s toy that glorifies drugs and violence, but the Super Lab Playset set, which runs $250, has already sold out.

According to its tongue-in-cheek website, Citizen Brick sells collectible items, not for children but nostalgia benders, jaded hipsters and reclusive diorama-builders.

The 500-piece diorama includes Lego versions of drug paraphernalia, chemical vats and the likenesses of TV show characters Walter, Mike and Gus.

The company buys Lego bricks and prints over them with custom designs. It s not affiliated with the Danish toy maker Lego and the set makes not direct reference to Breaking Bad or its characters.

Artist and Citizen Brick creator Joe Trupia told the Wall Street Journal, I think as anticipation over the final season of Breaking Bad has increased, requests to make more have poured in. As of right now, we re taking pre-orders to make more.

Citizen Brick also sells other small custom Lego figures including a 'Zombie Hunting Enthusiast,' a hippy with marijuana leaf on his shirt and bong called a 'Botany Enthusiast' and S&M bondage figure called a 'Shame Enthusiast.'


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