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Cold, wet fall weather about to warm up

Cold, wet fall weather about to warm up

Credit: KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill

by KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill

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Posted on October 13, 2013 at 12:04 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 29 at 9:29 PM

PORTLAND -- Since the fall season began, Portland has seen below-normal temperatures all but two days.  In fact, our current stretch of cool weather is up to 21 of the last 23 days.

The high temperature average this month is running about 5 degrees below normal, which in terms of climate is a big number.  Rainfall totals have calmed down, after setting the all-time record for Sept. rain with a total at PDX of 5.62 inches. 

Portland will actually fall below normal for the month of October this coming week with days of dry weather in the forecast. 

The cool and wet weather pattern I mention above will quickly change with a drastic flow pattern change developing as we start the new week.  All forecast models show a large high-pressure ridge building over the west coast and holding in a stationary position for a week or longer. 

The pattern change will result in days of dry weather, chilly nights with clear skies and pleasant afternoons with warming temperatures.

Outlook maps from the National Weather Service show a warm bulls-eye over the Northwest through the last few days of October.  The air mass will be warm enough to produce 70 degree temperatures, but temperature inversions forming at night as cool air settles into the valley may hold afternoon temps in the 60s. 

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Out-lying locations may dip to freezing for the first time this fall season.  The average first freeze of fall for cities such as Hillsboro and Salem is Mid-October.  Portland typically stays above freezing through the first week of November. 

Enjoy the dry, sunny weather this coming week.  November rains are likely to return.

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