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Dogged By Stricklen! I Give In.

by Matt Zaffino

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Posted on November 20, 2007 at 3:31 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:47 PM

OK OK I relent! My last blog, titled An Eventful Weekend, was about the two events I hosted last weekend, BorderClash at Nike on Sunday being the second of the two. Many KGWers participated in the media race. Stef claims she and Gina won the women's division. That's cool. But she seemed a bit miffed that I had no pictures of her in my blog. Which I didn't, but only because she bolted outta there right after the race. I guess she was still movin' at race pace clear into the parking lot!

But, since I like Stef and we're good friends, I have posted this SPECIAL Stef Stricklen edition of the Weather Blog with a picture of ONLY her below:


Except, one minor problem. It's not our Stef! I took this shot in Italy in October. My Dad, wife Lisa and I were eating at a large family-style restaurant in Rome (on the way to the town in southern Italy where my 84 year-old Dad's parents were born, but that's a different blog) when Lisa, who is really good friends with Stef, spotted "Italian Stef". So I just had to play paparazzi and get a shot of her. But boy, "Italian Stef" is a dead ringer for KGW Stef, don't you think? Right down to the smokin' red specs.

Matt Zaffino
KGW Chief Meteorologist