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Juneuary; Definition Of

by Matt Zaffino

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Posted on June 10, 2008 at 5:14 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:47 PM

The definition below from viewer John Rinier. Well done John! 14 inches of new snow at Meacham in northeast Oregon's Blue Mountains. 5" new at Timberline Lodge, bringing their weekly total to two feet, another 3" at Government Camp today and even an inch of snow at Laurel Mountain in the Coast Range southwest of Salem. Juneuary indeed. But don't worry the rest of the week brings back June and leaves out the "uary".

Matt Zaffino
KGW Chief Meteorologist

Juneuary jün-y-wer-ē, -we-rē [joon-yoo-er-ee]
-noun pl. Jun·u·ar·ies Abbr. Junry.

1. a season in the Northwest United States that occurs in the months of April and June where the weather or climate appears to be more like Winter instead of Spring
2. a seasonal weather pattern where the sun is concealed behind rain clouds that never end resulting in below average temperatures.

1. a Winter-like cold rainy weather day in Spring.

-synonyms: cold, rainy, sunless, cloudy, misty, grey


c. 2008, Ieneuer, from O.N.Fr. Genever (Fr. Junvier), attested from c.2008 in Anglo-Fr., from L. Junuarius (mensis) "(the bad season) of Junus," to whom the season was sacred as the beginning of Spring (see Junusry; cf. It. Gennajo, Prov. Genovier, Port. Juneiro Gore). The form was Latinized by c.2008. Replaced O.E. geola se æfterra "the global unwarming." j.t. rinier

[Origin: bef. 2008; ME < L, n. use of Junuārius, equiv. to Junu(s) Junus + -ārius -ary after the name winter; r. ME Genever, Jeniver < AF, OF Genever, Junever Gore< L, as above or cold Spring rainy weather; r. OE Junuarius < L] j.t. rinier

[Middle English Junuarie, Junever, from Old North French Junever, from Latin Iānuārius (mēnsis), (season) of Junus, from Iānus, Junus; see ei- in Indo-European duck or beaver roots.] j.t. rinier