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3 days 600 miles & two wheels

by Dave Salesky

Posted on June 23, 2008 at 9:24 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:47 PM

Most of you know that I ride my bicycle a lot. I really love to get out and pedal my way around Oregon. Long before I started riding bicycles I rode motorcycles. As a teenager I rode dirt bikes. That ended one day when my younger brother Douglas, decided to borrow my bike and proceeded to get into an accident. That Was about 30 years ago and is a story for another day, and believe me it's a good one too!

In the last couple of years I've rediscovered motorcycling. While it will never replace my bicycle It's great fun to go out and gobble up the miles and see some great sights in a shorter amount of time. This past weekend a buddy from work Jim Titus, his brother in law Kurt and yours truly set off for 3 days of adventure touring Eastern Oregon.



Living in Oregon the last 20 years I thought I had seen most of the state. Boy was I wrong! Here's a list of some some of the locations we rode through or stopped at. Pine Grove, Mt Vernon ( yes there's one in Oregon) Long Creek, Fox, and John Day. The town of John Day served as our base camp for the three day run. We joined up with over 700 other riders as part of the BMW riders of Oregon Rally. This is not your typical motorcycle rally,It reminded me of Cycle Oregon ( bicycle tour) Jim said yep just like Cycle Oregon only with gasoline.

One thing that always surprises me when I do a bicycle or motorcycle ride is just how big Oregon is. We could ride more than an hour and not see another soul on the road. Just the three of us the sound of the wind heard over the roar of our bikes. Stopping for pictures all you would see is hills, meadows, rivers and trees. The view would go on forever!

vista view.JPG

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In Ukiah, I snapped the picture of Jim at the local gas station. The term politically correct hasn't caught on. I like people who are open and honest about their opinions. You might not agree, but at least you know where somebody stands.


In the tiny hamlet of Dayville, I found what might be the smallest city hall in the state!


Honest that is really the Dayville's city hall, Just a neatly painted and maintained one room building with flower boxes out in front. The building was closed when we pulled in. Other wise I would have made an effort to find out what the hot issues are in the town. Somehow light rail construction, moving bridges and enforcing a duct tape ban are reserved for us in the big city.

Oh just one more thing, to my brother Doug. If you read this, I'm hiding the keys to this motorcycle so you can't repeat your mistake. Mom would kill both of us if you crashed again!