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PDX On-Time? Not So Much.

by Jack Penning

Posted on January 5, 2006 at 10:04 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:46 PM

The news from the Department of Transportation wasn't want leaders at the Port of Portland wanted to hear. For the month of November, PDX ranked 5th worst airport in the country for on-time arrivals. 25.3% of flights at PDX got in at least 15-minutes late (many came-in much later than that).

PDX has never had a sterling on-time record, and really the Port isn't at fault. Because of Portland's location at the end of the continent, planes arrive here after an already long day of flying the east coast and midwest. There are lots of places those planes can pick-up delays along the way, and PDX just happens to be at the back-end of the day. Perhaps most disturbing, the fact that on-time performance at PDX seems to be in a steady decline.

You can't really blame the weather. November wasn't too bad in Portland, as far as aviation is concerned. No big snow or ice storms, and no really dense fog. PDX has one of the most sophisticated landing systems, and runways layouts, of any airport in the world, so planes can land here in the worst of weather.

Comparing November-to-November, on-time arrivals at PDX have fallen from 81% in 2003 to 74% in 2005. Comparing year-to-year statistics here's the trend:

2002: 82% on-time
2003: 85% on-time
2004: 79% on-time
2005: 78% on-time

PDX did have a record year, in terms of the number of passengers using the airport. It's just too bad the airport might set a record for most delayed arrivals, too.

Delays by Airline at PDX
November 2005
Ranked Worst Performance to Best Performance

Delta Air Lines: 63.7% On-Time
jetBlue: 66.7% On-Time
American Airlines: 67.5% On-Time
Continental Airlines: 68.2% On-Time
Northwest Airlines: 68.2% On-Time
Frontier Airlines: 71.9% On-Time
SkyWest: 73.2% On-Time
United Airlines: 73.6% On-Time
Hawaiian Airlines: 74.4% On-Time
America West/US Airways: 76.7% On-Time
Alaska Airlines: 78.9% On-Time
Southwest Airlines: 79.2% On-Time