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Delta Air Lines Strike Developments

by Jack Penning

Posted on April 4, 2006 at 5:20 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:46 PM

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Delta Air Lines pilots voted today to authorize a strike against the airline. That strike could begin at any time... but most likely... not until next week at the earliest. At issue: pay cuts. Delta wants the pilots to take a 20% cut. That cut would reduce pay for a 737 pilot from roughly $73,000 a year to $59,000. Pilots say that's far too drastic, but the airline says without the cut it won't survive.

Delta lost more than a billion dollars last year. It's currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. That means it can ask a judge to void the pilots' contract, without their input. Delta has the power to impose the new wages... so the pilots say their only recourse is to strike.

Delta is in horrible financial shape. And it's not the pilots' fault. They're not the highest paid in the country by any means. Most make far less than their counterparts at Southwest Airlines, and somehow Southwest manages to turn a profit.

For passengers with trips booked on Delta... it's important to stay on top of developments. If pilots strike, it could end-up killing the airline. If that's the case, tickets on Delta will be worthless.

I've gathered a collection of links I use to monitor the news on Delta. I hope these will help you stay on top of the developments... and make good decisions when you're booking a trip.

Delta Air Lines Media Center
Air Line Pilots Association, the union representing Delta pilots.
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