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Northwest Airlines Strike Update

by Jack Penning

Posted on August 31, 2006 at 5:08 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:45 PM

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We're still keeping an eye on the situation at Northwest Airlines. Last week, a judge called off a possible strike by flight attendants just a few hours before the deadline. But it was only a temporary move. As soon as the judge issues his ruling... flight attendants have vowed to begin action against the airline.

Northwest cut their salaries by 21%... without a vote from the Union. Meanwhile, it reported a profit of 180-million last quarter. Flight attendants say that doesn't make sense... and they're ready to walk out.

The strike likely won't mean flight attendants would completely walk off the job. Rather, it's likely they'll call-in-sick for certain flights... or walk off the plane just before it's set to depart. It's a tactic they call "CHAOS"... meaning "Create Havoc Around Our System." It was last used by Alaska Airlines flight attendants in 1993, and it succeeded in getting them a new contract.

What does all this mean for passengers? There are a lot of questions surrounding that. And here are the best places to go to find more information.

Northwest Association of Flight Attendants website. This has the most updated information directly from the union.

Northwest Airlines has a Q and A on its website. But, among other things, it says a strike won't disrupt operations. This is not true. A strike, in any form, will cause flights to be delayed and cancelled.

Portland's Azumano Travel will run continual updates, and have agents available to answer Northwest Airlines-related questions.

I will also continue post updates right here.

I'm always happy to look into your questions. Please e-mail me at