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Summer Delays Set Records

by Jack Penning

Posted on July 12, 2007 at 4:25 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:45 PM

As we reported on NewsChannel 8 Thursday at 5 and 6, almost a quarter of all flights in the US have been delayed so far this summer. It's been especially tough for travel on the east coast. But even PDX has had its problems.

Our friends at put together an exclusive report for KGW on our hometown airport. PDX boasts the best on-time performance on the west coast, with 80% of arrivals pulling-in within 15-minutes of their scheduled arrival time. But - and this is a big BUT - PDX still saw more than 1,400 flights delayed in June, which experts say, is a record. broke-down PDX arrival perfomance in this exclusive PDF document: PDX On-Time Arrivals, June 2007. broke-down the other 30-top US airports' perfomance in this exclusive PDF document: Top 30 US Airports' On-Time Performance, June 2007.

And, finally, broke-down on-time perfomance by airline in this exclusive PDF document: US Airline On-Time Performance, June 2007.

Some interesting things jump out from the report. First, how poorly some US majors did in terms of on-time operations. Just 58% of American and US Airways flights arrived on-time. Southwest was the best major for on-time flights, at 77%, but that still means 23% of its flights were late. It's extraordinary - and not in a good way - for the best airline to perform at that level.

It's also interesting that Portland's transcontinental flights are chronically late. Flights to Washington Dulles are late 50% of the time, while flights to New York Kennedy are late 57% of the time, and flights to Philadelphia are late 64% of the time - the worst PDX destination for on-time flights.

These stats don't include international travel, as those statistics are governed by international treaties, and not often available.

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