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Is Oregon ready for a Republican governor?

by Laural Porter

Posted on November 9, 2009 at 5:38 PM

Republicans are encouraged by the results of elections Tuesday, especially in the governors races in Virginia and New Jersey.
GOP candidates won in those democratic stronghold states.

So, what about Oregon? The state hasn't had a Republican governor since Vic Atiyeh in the 1980s.
Many analysts say not to make too much of the national elections, and what it means about the Obama administration, or what affect they may have on the May primaries next year.

However, we do have some opinions here on "Straight Talk".
Our "Straight Talk" commentators, David Sarasohn and Lars Larson will give us their take at the end of the show Saturday.

And my guest this week on "Straight Talk" is Oregon GOP candidate for governor, Allen Alley.
He ran for state treasurer last year and lost to Ben Westlund, but now has his sights on the governor's seat.
Alley was the deputy chief of staff for Governor Kulongoski and says, he learned a lot being a Republican working for a Democratic administration.
You'll hear how he thinks that will help him as he tries to appeal to all Oregon voters.

Alley thinks he's the right man to lead Oregon into a more robust economy, and to a better funded education system for K-12 and for higher education.

He has no political experience, but a lot of business background, founding the high-tech company,Pixelworks.
He says he'd veto the higher taxes the Oregon legislature passed for businesses and higher income earners; and believes state government doesn't need any more money.
So, I asked him where he'd find the money to pay for education, critical social services, and public safety without that additional revenue.

We also talk about those controversial Business Energy Tax Credits that will reportedly cost the state 243 million in the next biennium.
The Oregonian reported the state misrepresented the cost of the program to lawmakers in February of 2007.
Alley was Governor Kulongoski's chief of staff at the time,advising him on energy and economic development.

You'll also hear his views on the Oregon Health Care Plan;on what he'd do to try to lure companies to Oregon;and he defends his 1.2 million dollar salary at Pixelworks at a time his company was losing money.

As you can tell, we covered a lot of ground.
Good information as you start contemplating who you'll vote for to be Oregon's next Governor.
Join me Saturday night at 6:30pm for "Straight Talk" and leave your comments here.

Thank you for watching, and let's keep talking.