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What You're Saying About Mayor Adams

by Laural Porter

Posted on January 27, 2009 at 5:30 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:44 PM

We received a number of comments and emails after our "Straight Talk" program on the Mayor Adams scandal.
Our guests were Willamette Week reporter, Nigel Jaquiss and Portland City Commissioner, Randy Leonard.

Don says;
I think Mayor Adams should resign! How can we trust him when he can't even handle his lies and is gone for three days. It wasn't the confession of the affair,but the fact he was gone from his duties as Mayor for three days.We can't trust him to run Portland the way he should.

Ana wrote to us;
If Sam Adams gets away with lying and stays in office,our children will learn that it is OK to lie as long as you get what you want, people will forgive you and life will go on without any consequences.

Jim says,
The biggest mistake Adams made was to answer the question in the first
place.He should have said, "none of your business".

And this come from Ina rose;
One does wonder: Did he apologize because he is truly sorry that he lied, or because he got caught?

And here's an email from Marcia,
I agree. If a politician's private sex life is public information, then everyone on the City Council must divulge who they had sex with and when on front page news. I will send FOIAs to Leonard and all so you may publish them.

Thank you for watching "Straight Talk". We are off this week because of a Blazer game Saturday.
We'll be back on Saturday, February 7th at 7pm.
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