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Will The Stimulus Work?

by Laural Porter

Posted on February 20, 2009 at 5:37 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:44 PM

I asked Congressman Earl Blumenauer that question on "Straight Talk".

On Saturday night at 7pm, you'll hear what he says about voting for the 787 billion dollar stimulus, and whether he thinks it will work.

He talks about his colleague, Congressman Peter DeFazio's vote against the plan.
He also thinks it may be possible that representatives will be asked to vote for another stimulus to get the economy moving.

Why is Wall Street not convinced the stimulus will work?
This week the Dow Jones dropped to a six year low, in the same week the President signed the stimulus, and unveiled his plan to tackle the housing crisis.
Congressman Blumenauer says don't read too much into Wall Street's reaction.

And what about the President's plan to deal with the mortgage meltdown?
The Congressman talks about why even though it may not lower your interest rates, it will benefit you in other ways.

Plus,from the left and from the right, commentary from the Oregonian's David Sarasohn and KXL Radio's Lars Larson.
They debate who is to blame for the lack of bipartisanship in Congress.

Join us at 7pm Saturday night for "Straight Talk".
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Thank you for watching and let's keep talking.