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"Straight Talk" on the Attorney General's Investigation of Mayor Adams

by Laural Porter

Posted on June 27, 2009 at 1:48 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

Portland Mayor Sam Adams twittered Friday that he was looking forward to a week long vacation.
I am sure Attorney General John Kroger would like one,too.

The week started with the A-G releasing his report on the Mayor Adams scandal.
After five months of investigating and interviewing 57 witnesses, he found insufficient evidence to charge the mayor with a crime.

Since the report was released, reporters, columnists,and citizens writing letters to the editor have asked why the Attorney General decided not to take the Adams case to the Grand Jury?
Why not put him and Beau Breedlove under oath?
Did he play it safe and let the Mayor off easy?
And why did he let the Mayor's attorneys get to Beau Breedlove first and get a statement before the state's investigators?
On "Straight Talk" Saturday night at 6:30pm, the Attorney General sits down with me to answer those questions.

In our second segment, we hear from three Iranian Americans on the demonstrations in their birthplace.
They tell me how they wish they were there to support their friends and family still in Iran.
Hear their stories after the Attorney General's interview.
We try to pack a lot into this ambitious show. I really needed an hour for this one.
Let me know your thoughts and let's keep talking.