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Oregon's Next Governor

by Laural Porter

Posted on September 3, 2009 at 8:27 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

Willamette Week's Nigel Jaquiss and the Oregonian's Steve Duin agree that former Governor John Kitzhaber's announcement this week that he will seek an unprecedented third term-- did one thing.
It sucked the oxygen right out of the room for anyone else who was contemplating a run.
They don't think anyone can beat him.
What about Congressman Peter DeFazio? They don't think he'll run.
How about former Senator Gordon Smith? Again, won't run.
Republican Congressman Greg Walden? Same thing.
State senator Brian Clem already pulled out, and said he'll campaign for Kitzhaber.
That leaves former Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury for the Democrats;and Allen Alley, and possibly State senator Jason Atkinson for the Republicans.
No chance, Jaquiss and Duin say.
Governor Kitzhaber will be our next governor, again.
They have some tough questions for Kitzhaber.
They want to know why he's running?
What is the evidence he's done anything significant for the state in the seven years since he left office?
What meaningful reform did he try to pass while Governor that the then Republican dominated legislature turned back?
How can he really be an agent of change?

Join me Saturday night at 6:30 for "Straight Talk" on the candidacy of Governor John Kitzhaber.

Also, we dig into the higher business taxes passed by the Oregon legislature.
Jon Chandler, the chief executive officer of the Oregon Homebuilders Association joins me.
He explains why he is heading up a group of businesses trying to put the higher tax measures before voters, and how close they are to getting the signatures necessary to get the referendum before voters in January.

Again, please join me Saturday night at 6:30 for "Straight Talk", and leave your comments here.
It's the beginning of a very interesting campaign for Governor in Oregon.
And we'll keep talking about it here.

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