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by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on December 2, 2009 at 5:30 PM

That's what I think the mutt says over and over again. Where is the baby? Is the baby okay? Who is with the baby? Where is the baby? WHERE IS THE BABY?!

She is very protective of Baby Elle, as witnessed by how she reacts during the baby's "Tummy Time" exercises.


We couldn't have gotten luckier with how she's handled this transition. Just 10 minutes ago she had a minor freakout in the backyard because she could hear a newborn crying in the neighbor's yard. The husband found her standing with her nose against the fence barking her head off in the direction of the commotion. Where is the baby? Is the baby over there? Why is the baby crying? Someone please pay attention to me while I tell you important news about the location of a crying baby. We got her in the house and showed her that, indeed, our crying baby was perfectly safe inside.

She also comes and breathes all over me the minute the baby starts fussing in her bassinet. And it's funny because no amount of me explaining to her that I, too, can hear the baby seems to put her at ease. Go figure. So, my middle of the night feedings are usually preceded by me wiping dog breath off my face.

In other news, we had our first 'official' family photos taken by a gal who actually used to work for the competition. Julia Radlick left TV news and runs a studio called Jewel Images. We started chatting on Twitter and then the husband and I saw some pictures she took of another on-air gal's children and that basically sealed the deal. The husband and I talked about the expense and decided that considering we spent a small fortune on our wedding album, why wouldn't we make an investment in this other major life milestone? And Julia's work really isn't that expensive. Besides, look at what you get:




I'm so glad we decided to capture this moment in our lives because Baby Elle already looks different at three weeks old. Most notably, she has a wicked case of baby acne that would make a high-schooler cringe, but she's also filling out and looking less newborn-ish by the hour.

Okay, gotta go. Someone needs to eat. :)