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Today I did that thing.

by Steph Stricklen

Posted on November 9, 2009 at 5:45 PM

Today I did that thing. That thing I would hear people with kids talk about that would totally gross me out. No way was I ever doing that thing.

I caught baby Elle's puke with my hand.

Yup. Hope you're not eating while you're reading this, and if you are just know that I will never again look at milky-substances like eggnog quite the same.

My poor daughter got so sick last night. Happened just as the husband and I got into bed. And no matter what we did, she just couldn't stop throwing up/heaving/hiccuping/sleeping/repeating. I did laundry at 1am so we'd have fresh bedding, having blown through the spares with ease. I slept hung out on the couch pulled up next to her in her vibrating bouncy-chair... one hand on her tummy as she tried to nod off. Laying her flat in her crib only made her throw up all over again.

And I tell you, if I hadn't just returned from 5 months off I would have called in sick without a second thought. As it is, I told work this morning that if she had any issues at all today, I would leave. But boy, do I feel guilty for making that choice. The husband and I checked in with grandma and grandpa throughout the day. Baby Elle is better. She's eating. She's not dehydrated. I'm going to snuggle and rock her as soon as I get home. And, hopefully, I'll get some sleep tonite. I was such a sleep-deprived zombie today I forgot my mic during our pre-taped interview with Congressman Blumenauer. I just have to get it together. I can't go back to drinking caffeine, but man oh man do I understand why people with kids load up on the leaded coffee.

Okay, maybe I can have just a little......... we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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