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The Most Awkward Conversation Ever.

by Steph Stricklen

Posted on January 11, 2010 at 4:58 PM

Updated Monday, Jan 11 at 5:00 PM

Before you go on… this is definitely an NC-17 blog posting.  I’m going to talk about sex and sex acts and how researchers looked at intercourse and how I had to have the most awkward conversation EVER with my boss about it all.  Just stop reading right now if you’re already having that uncomfortable feeling.  It only gets worse.

So, there was no way when I was driving to work today that I would have imagined having a conversation with my boss about about masturbation, fellatio, and anal sex.  TALK ABOUT EMBARASSING.  But that’s exactly what happened. 

The news team assigned me a story on a study that showed health benefits from having sex.  Pretty simple, right?  It wasn’t until I got a hold of the study and started reading more about it that I realized what I was in for.  And because the doctor was available within minutes of me arriving at work—I didn’t have a chance to flag the story until after I spoke with him.  In fact, I was reading about it in the car while the photographer I worked with drove us to the interview.  And, that’s not to say this study doesn’t have merits.  It’s actually really interesting.  It looked at older research and examined all kinds of sex between all kinds of people.  It found that penile-vaginal sex between partnered men and women that didn’t involve a condom offered the most benefits.  So, while the study headline was bland enough: The Relative Health Benefits of Different Sexual Activities… the specifics made me blush.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a very open person and I wish we, as a society, were more comfortable discussing sex.  But that’s me.  I guarantee you there is a majority of viewers who do not want to hear about specific sex acts and how they boost your health while they’re eating dinner or doing homework with the kiddos, right?

So here I was, drilling down into what I could conceivably work into a story that runs during the dinner/family hour and I decided I needed to rope all my bosses into the discussion.  You want to talk about awkward… try walking into a sit-down meeting with your boss, your boss’s boss, and a bunch of other managers and telling them about how these researchers looked at sex acts like masturbation to determine which offered the greatest health benefits.


Anyway, it’s over.  I got the g-rated version done for the 5pm.  I never used the words penis or vagina or any of the other sex acts researched.  And, if I could send you to the full study I would, so you could check it out for yourself.  But I can’t.  The journal hasn’t published it yet.  Normally, I won’t touch a study unless it’s published, but this wasn’t my call.  What I can do is send you to the CNN version which is a nice round-up of previous research.  It's a little more PG than my 5pm piece, but still shouldn't raise too many eyebrows.

Check that out here:

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