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by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on August 24, 2007 at 12:20 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 6 at 4:45 PM

That's what baby talk sounds like to me. I'm referring to the animals who baby-talk to infants like we do (that I'm mentioning in my health wrap at 5).

Now, for Nova Vision.

Here is the company website:

And here's a link to Casey Eye Institute:

Hey.. blog buddy Rob's daughter Emma lost yet another one!!

I think I must be an anomaly because I can't remember how I found out the tooth fairy was really my mom. Don't most people totally remember when they learned?? Same goes for me with the Easter Bunny and Santa. I just don't remember. Must have been so tramautic I blocked it out.

Blog buddy Joe writes this funny bit about drug testing toilet water: I'm thinking that drug testing of toilets is probably a good idea. I'm hoping they start breathalyzer tests on them next...I know our toilet has had some bloodshot eyes and slurred speech lately. Oh, I found an empty tequila bottle sitting on the closed lid the other day. I'm suspecting it might be up to something. There's few things more dangerous than a tipsy loo! ;-)

Kudos to McGorge Scott's photos. They are a highlight of my visits to your blog! I'm amazed at the fauna that shows up in his backyard! I'm hoping to see a photo of a baby elephant, giraffe next. Maybe he can catch Sasquatch on film?

That's just great. Upstaged on my own d@#n blog. Good thing McGorge Scott COMPLETELY ROCKS or else I'd get my feelings hurt.

Here's one for ya, then. He wanted to note that, yes, even the little guys can squeeze in there for a meal!!

little guy is in there.jpg

Stephanie Stricklen must now go do her noon hit because she really loves Karen the producer and totally is willing to stay late and help her out, but not without taking a potshot on her blog about it.