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Loose Cannon.. that's ME!

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on August 17, 2007 at 1:01 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 6 at 4:44 PM

If you saw Friday's health wrap you could probably tell I was in a very good mood, even though I'm exhausted!

It's Friday and it's payday. HELLO, weekend! I'm now that guy I used to hate. I worked weekends and just hated it when the local morning dj's would go on and on about their fun weekend plans while I knew I had to work.


I found this on the mice/stress/disease study:

And this blog on what I lovingly called 'soap wars' (complete with press release link):

McGorge Scott sends this photo for us to enjoy this weekend. Who would win.. kitty or turkey??

Kitty thinking about it!.jpg

Click here to email Stephanie Stricklen if you think the kitty stands a chance. :-)