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Effective Immediately

Effective Immediately

by Stephanie "PT" Stricklen

Posted on March 16, 2010 at 2:30 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 7:46 AM

Where do I start?

First, I don't blog much here, anymore. I basically live on Twitter and Facebook and would love to connect with you there, if you're so inclined. Second, I'm writing here because I know I can share this link on Twitter and Facebook and it gives me the longer format I need to share a few things that are pretty important to me.

#1) You don't want to lose 5 pounds the way I just did. Trust me. But thank you so much for all the kind words and DMs. It helped put a bright spot on my misery these past few days.

#2) I am, effective immediately, a part-time employee.


I did my best to not share this through social media (no one likes a downer), but I was really struggling ever since returning to work. I just didn't get enough time with my daughter. You know, the funny thing is; I have never wished more that I hated my job. If I didn't like doing this I would have been gone long ago. Easy. Done. But that's not the case. I love what I do. Love it. I like the variety. I like the pace. I have bosses who are great to me, and inspire me to work hard for them. They are wonderful people. I consider myself so fortunate that I often wonder when the proverbial 'other shoe' is going to drop. It just can't be this good, right? And yet, somehow, I have the opportunity to have perfect balance in my life.

And it all started with a minivan.

As you might remember from Twitter, I got sick and tired of trying to wrangle a stroller, the dog, a carseat, a Boppy, a yoga mat, a diaper bag, groceries, and one cute little munchie-munch in a vehicle that, while sporty and fast, was too low to the ground and too small to be much good.

So, the husband and I redid our budget and started living on his income alone. My money went into savings, so I could get my new wheels. I have this debt phobia and loathe having a car payment. My husband is the same. It's why we both had 10-year old cars with more than 100,000 miles on them. But the day that van came home with me was simply awesome. Nothing screams joy like doors that open and close from a distance with the push of a button, especially when you're carrying a wiggly baby and bags of stuff.

Living on the husband's income, however, opened my eyes and made me think very hard about being a stay at home mom.

KGW had another option. A better option. And truly it's a win-win for everyone. We started quietly talking about it more than a month ago; finessing the details. Bottom line is I'm now part-time and KGW gets to hire another person to beef up our resources.

I'll still do Live @ 7. I'll report breaking news where appropriate. I'll fill-in anchor where KGW needs me. I'll continue making an appearance in the 5pm news with your health-headlines.

But most important to me; I'll get to spend almost an entire day, every day with the love of my life. Effective immediately.