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Do NOT give this to your kids!!

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on August 16, 2007 at 12:54 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 6 at 4:44 PM

Did you see this?!!

Cross that off the list for little kiddos!!

And here's more on the breast cancer study:

Allright. Look at how big this spider is that turned up in our wall where we are remodeling.. or at least try to look-- it's a little blurry as I wasn't about to waste time with my fingers hanging out next to him.


If you could just imagine me telling John to stick his finger in the shot so we would have perspective on how big he was. We settled on a pen. And his legs are sort of tucked. When he was on the move he was even BIGGER!!


Debbie writes about Bruce at K103 sending me flowers: How sweet to get flowers. You should tell him he can barf up your schedule anytime if it means getting flowers. They are beautiful!!

That's just so touching, isn't it? It's not every day you get flowers because someone barfed on your seat.

Lynne writes: BEAUTIFUL roses!!!!!! You know, it's a good thing we know home much you ADORE your husband!!! Flying with a hottie and flowers from a DJ...

Well, as you saw, yes. I confessed to John that Corky was smokin'.. and the flowers-- John's figures since there's vomit involved, it's okay. He actually thought they looked great and LOVED the card that Bruce sent with it. Bruce has a good sense of humor.

Rich writes about school lunches: I haven't been home much to follow the news, and you, of course, but hey, nice report this evening!!! The subject of school lunches has always brought a smile to me, having been a part of the school system down here (for years.....). Mystery meat, Cooks' surprise --- lots of cliches and some pretty bad stuff served up in the past; but luckily, reports like yours, and improving Gov't regs are bringing the standards and quality of food UP!

Things are so different than when I was in school. Does anyone remember the "Chalupa"? I LOVED Chalupa days, although I'm not really sure what it was. It was kind of part-pizza, part open-taco, purrrre fun.

Greg writes about my new iPhone: Congrats on the Iphone Steph. I’m filled with envy! Glad ya got one.

Hey, for $12 bucks I'll let you mess with it ((read this:

Amy wrote me a few days ago: I was just on KGW's sight and read Jack Penning's blog on his recent flight... sounds like maybe you outdid him though!!! So who is next to go flying? We are off to the Clackamas co. fair today....I haven't been in years but a girlfriend convinced me to go with her, and she is taking 2 extra boys with her. So it will be 2 moms and 6 boys all between the ages of 3 and 6. I am beginning to think flying would be much saner than what I am about to do today!!! :) Have a great day!!

6 little boys? Hello?! Amy? You alive? Did you make it!? HAS ANYONE HEARD FROM AMY?!?!!

Tuti writes: After seeing some of your pictures with the Blue Angel, I am really, really jealous, although I am sure if it was me, I would probably throw up during take-off and pass out soon after. Do you have more video clips than what
was posted or was it just too undignified to share?

I have a few questions for you. During your ride, how many high G maneuvers
did he (“Corky”) make? I can’t really tell from the video. I saw a couple
of last year’s video clips of journalists flying with Lcdr. Kevin Davis
(still makes me very sad every time I think about him). Lcdr Davis seemed
to be a lot more verbose than Major Nathan Miller during flight, but again I
can’t tell from the short clip. Well, at least it seemed like Davis talked
a lot. I can’t believe you didn’t hug Corky after you landed. I am sure I
wouldn’t be able to contain myself, assuming I could still walk by then.
Did you get a chance to chat with him or any of the other Blue Angels very
much? Just out of curiosity – how tall are they? I heard they can’t be too
tall or they wouldn’t fit very comfortably in the cockpit. I think you
should write more about your experience. The Blue Angels would hope for it,
and the rest of us would be very happy to see more.

More? It's all I've been talking about for the past week. But, I'm glad it's not old yet. So, in the order you asked: #1) I talked about the broken camera. Bummer, eh? #2)We did a BUNCH of g stuff, upside down stuff, slow speed, high speed... 45 minutes in all. #3) I dunno, I was feeling pretty 'testosterone-y' so a hug just didn't jump to mind. #4) Yeah, I talked to Corky a lot. And screamed in his ear. Poor guy. #5) When you're 5'4" on a good day everyone seems tall. Including Corky. But Bruce Murdock is WAY WAY tall... and he fit, so.....

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