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Blood, Lunar Eclipses & Free TVs

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on August 28, 2007 at 12:55 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 6 at 4:45 PM

So.. donate some plasma and win a plasma.. TV. Actually, the rules I checked out say you don't have to donate ((it's that way with all those contests-- always a way to play)) but, not donating kind of defeats the purpose, eh??

Just head to here to donate either plasma or blood:

Here's another issue I couldn't get into because of time. The current staple of blood donors are the baby boomers.. which is great because there are a lot of them. But, no one is filling in the gaps behind them. Young people just don't think about donating blood. So, the Red Cross is shifting its marketing to try and grab that younger demographic.

Hey, lunar eclipse time.. that's one benefit about getting up at the hour I do-- checking it out for myself!! But, McGorge Scott came through for me again. He got up at 3am and used his fancy-fangled camera to get these killer pics. It's the same camera he used to get those ones of that mountain goat from so far away.


And Mark (a regular reader) writes about the ambulance story: Back in 1987 and 1988, while living in ND, I had to travel by ambulance a couple of times and yeah, I agree. The first hospital was local but the second (neurosurgery specialists location) was 90 miles away... In the middle of winter (where there is FEET of snow to contend with as well as blizzards), I agree. I almost bit the big one... but, as you can see, I am still around annoying folks... Keep up the awesome work.

LOL. Mark is having some surgery today he tells me, but will check back in after he gets out of the hospital!! Good luck, my man!! Email me soon!

This is from this morning.. Tell-it-like-is Rick writes about Miss Teen South Carolina and that disjointed answer she gave that everyone is talking about: I can not count the times I screwed up in a job interview and after I thought about it, I said to my self, why did I say that.
They should leave the young lady alone!

Debi posted a comment with much the same sentiment.. but Rob writes: I am really trying to come up with something funny between laughing and gasps for air .. that is horrid .... My son and daughter talk better than that!

I still think one of the best parts of this watching Mario Lopez as he holds her mic. He totally kept it together. Poor girl!

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