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Lifestyles of the Rich & Hospitalized

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on August 31, 2007 at 11:41 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

Wow. $100,000 for 7 hospital rooms. I like plasma TV's and marble countertops. You saw a bit at 5pm Friday about it.. and I found this if you'd like to check out the whole thing:

And you saw this, too... this just about floored me when I looked into it.,0,5200440.story


On a lighter note.. Roger writes about my fused glass plate for the upcoming Candelighter's auction to benefit kids with cancer: I likes it a lot, Steph. If this being on tv thing doesn't work out, I think you've got a fall back career as a glass artist. :)

..I'm blushing. No, I'm not. PLATES FOR EVERYONE! ;-)

And Sean writes about the lousy or lovely jobs posting: I don't want to burst anybody's bubble, however, anyone who has a job these days should feel lucky. I've been out of college for 9 years and have never been able to find a job. My main problem is lack of job experience (consisting of two pharmacy technician externships while a student at Clark College).

But then, my life has been unusual. Back when most people were getting their first jobs, I was frequently a patient at Good Samaritan Hospital undergoing tests and surgery to remove scar tissue from the left side of my brain (which caused seizures). Then after I had fully recovered, I started college. After I graduated I found myself being a caregiver for my grandmother (which lasted six years). Since then, I've looked for work in all or parts of five states but since I have no work history and the job market is so bad for entry level, It's been impossible finding work.

It sounds like a depressing story, but I wanted to point out that even though people complain about how bad their jobs can be, they should feel lucky to even have one.

You know what.. it doesn't sound depressing. It sounds like you made your point perfectly!! A job is better than no job-- especially when you WANT to work!!

Jenna writes about the iPhone pay-to-play-with-it-in-India and spider posting: Ha! I love the story about the iPhone - I have one too, don't you LOVE it? Best. Toy. EVER! Perhaps I should pimp mine out for "safe touching" too ;)

The husband and I had a spider like that in our house in Lake Oswego...we were sitting on the couch one day and all of the sudden I saw movement out of the corner of my eye...and it was as big as my handspan (ok, I'm short and have wee hands, but still...)! I don't get squicked out about spiders - hey at least THEY don't fly - but that one was enough to make me scream like a girl...I unceremoniously scooped him up in a paper towel and tossed him outside.


I think that's my new favorite word. I love it!!! It's like, "Hello, squeamish.. meet icked." BRILLIANT. And I wrote her back to tell her I found TWO MORE of those big ol' third-grader sized spiders in our shower. IN THE SHOWER. What is the deal?

McGorge Scott sent this really cool photo, with the GOOGLE folks and the dam in it. Nifty, as always.

KGW Google and TD dam Aug 29.jpg

Have a great weekend!!!! is my email address, in case you're wondering.