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Today is the day!!

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on October 4, 2007 at 12:48 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

Today is the day:
~ I give myself a peptalk because my vacation is over and I'm back at work.
~ I try to readjust to my normal early morning wake up schedule.
~ I force myself to run another 5 miles after a week off.
~ I tackle my work blog for the first time in 6 days.

Let's talk about tonite's 5pm story about Microsoft and

First, here is a link to

I strongly suggest that if you are interested in doing something like this-- or you are just curious for more information-- head to google and click on the news tab. Then search for "healthvault". I say this because the bloggers have one take, the general press has another, and business websites yet a third. It might be a lot of digging, but I want you to see what's out there.

Onto other topics.. Man, I'm STILL tired. My vacation was excellent.. I met up with my good friend Dar (a rockin' Canadian gal who lives in British Columbia.). She produces airshows and runs one of her own-- so we checked out the California Int'l. Airshow and did some wine tasting. I got to see the Blue's (( perform again AND the Canadian Snowbirds (( a real treat since I've had the excellent fortune to fly with both teams. AND, I got to say hi to Sean Tucker (( and his coordinator/narrator Brian who I haven't caught up with for years.

Needless to say, since Dar made this happen.. I brought her a nice bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir as a thank you for organizing the trip. But lo and behold-- she shows up with TWO gifts for me: a bottle of BC wine that I'm very much looking forward to and..


Yup.. had to totally thank her on the air this morning for my new, beautiful necklace.. and I love this shot as Nick Allard leans in to check it out in his monitor. Both the boys (Russ and Nick) love the necklace, and a bunch of the newsroom gals have their eye on it, too. So THANKS, Dar!! It's stunning.

Hey, any of you do Light The Night??

Well, not only did some of the guys from BMC West in Vancouver do it, but they pulled a Britney (minus the emotional breakdown, the hard partying, and poor taste in evening attire etc etc) and SHAVED THEIR HEADS after reaching their fundraising goal!! Here are two pictures sent to me by Jim ((sporting the moustache)) who works there. Nicely done gentlemen!! Nicely done.



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